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I think it was done once but whatever.....

Both are bloodlused, well i guess they always are

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i think axeman is bigger so him

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For some reason I thought Axeman was referring to the Silent Hill Bogeyman but then I remembered he used a sledge hammer instead.
Pretty sure as a demon created from a person's subconscious makes Pyramid all but unstoppable against physical threats. You're going to need some powerful magic to stop him.

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Anyone else?I bet on Pyramid Head.

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I think Pyramid is quite a bit faster and with his strength he will defeat Axeman.

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Who makes an axe that big ... seriously.

I'd be more scared of axeman, where is pyramid head from?

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@ghostrider2: I cannot recall Pyramid Head showing to be faster than Axe-Man, however Axe-Man was defeated without much of a fight. So i'll vote Pyramid Head ...

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@pope052: i say it's a bit faster than Axeman and from what i have seen Pyramid Head also has the advantage of his sword, it's easier to swing.

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@sandiego008: He's scary because of what he does (which screwed up many children after playing through Silent Hill 2). Though i agree on a basic level, a big man with a skirt and a metal pyrimaid for a head is not all that scary.

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Essentially the Executioner from Resident Evil 5 vs Pyramid head. The executioner can soak many twelve gauge rounds, can kill a muscular man with one hand and swing a large ax with ease. He can topple down walls and jump a couple of feet in the air which I don't remember PH doing. The Executioner has the advantage in strength to me, and definitely durability.

Wait....we're talking about the movie versions right? If so, I could give it to Pyramid Head. He was much more terrifying and the Executioner went down way to easy in that s***** movie.