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All four big Marvel superhero teams. The Avengers, the Xmen, the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Which one is the strongest?

Fantastic Four
Guardians of the Galaxy
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Well do they all have all the members? Cause if its all the xmen i feel like they have the numbers advantage.

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based on the roster pics id say avengers. i dont know much about the gaurdians but the xmen in the pic i dont think would be enough.

edit- unless jean grey goes phoenix, then xmen stomp.

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@zr0c00l: What do you mean? Drax could solo anyone of that Avengers rooster, Cyclops and Iceman can potentially duo that rooster or F4 can do it if Mr. Fantastic got prep

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Depends on the rosters

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@night4345: the ones currently in team

as for thread i am going with avengers

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X men win if this is by pics due to bobby and Xavier aswell as having the numbers advantage with a couple of tanks and decent damage output thors the biggest worry here I'd say

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As for pics x-men but current members avengers

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The only issues here are iceman, drax, hulk, and Thor

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I don't get which rosters or versions we're using here? Pictures? If so telepaths solo the Avengers and the GotG, then it's X-Men vs Susan Storm essentially.

If we're using current versions, then the most powerful X-Men are broken or dead, the Human Torch is depowered, and current Drax is a joke. Then current Avengers are just overpowered.

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it could go any way but i guess most likely,as pictures go: X-men(due their numbers)>avengers>F4>guardians

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@night4345: the ones currently in team

as for thread i am going with avengers

What version of team are you referring to? Are these the movie version of each team or the cartoon versions? It's unclear based on the art you used, and I tend to think the cartoon versions have the edge over the live action versions...

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If classic dray then guardians

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Guardian's vs. Fantastic Four: Eventually no matter how much of a good fight they put up, Guardians would get overwhelmed by annoying Mr fantastic wrapping him self around them, and every on else clobbering and Flaming. Fantastic Four win.

X-Men- vs. Avengers: If someone messes with a mutant, they mess with every mutant. No mater how many arrows Hawkeye fires, it will not be enough to hold back the entire wrath of Xavier and Magneto. X-Men win.

Fantastic Four vs. X-Men: Even though they are both Mutant groups, by sheer number of X-Men, and lack of proper powers from Fantastic Four. X-men Win the fight.

But, unless another civil war struck out, everyone can calm down.

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Guardians vs fantastic four=guardians. star-lord is obviously sending groot after the thing because they are both the strongest on the team.if Jonny was to help the thing it wouldn't make a difference because of groots fire resistance. and the rest of the guardians can take on Mr. fantastic and invisible woman

X-men vs avengers=avengers cause there's no stopping the hulk

guardians vs avengers=guardians in a tough fight. groot can take the hulk. drax strength and agility will overwelm caps. star-lords tech and strategies is much better than ironmans considering his only plan is attack thing isnt gonna work in this scenario.gamora is a better fighter than black widow.rockets gonna straight up murder hakeye with his guns. and if starlord shoots thor with his chest rocket thor will be incapacited long enough for the fight to end and still have enough time to admier there work. and every one in the universe will know whos the best superhero team

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The Avengers as I can see in the pictures.

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