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Team Avengers :

Cap America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Spider Woman, Ms Marvel, Falcon, Giantman, Wasp, Hyperion

Team Xmen ;

Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Rouge, Unstoppable Colossus, Angel. Jean Gray, Gambit, Night Crawler, Kitty

Location, New York City

Morals on,

no BFR,

Win by KO

Untoppable Colossus is combined with Juggernought.

Rouge has Got Ms Marvels powers minus the energy blasts.

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Unless Jean has phoenix force, hulk destroys them with some help from his team. also, you forgot to put prof x there. Just remove his psychic powers if you consider them overpowered.

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Thor, Hulk and Hyperion make this an easy win for the Avengers.

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I thought of prof X but i wanted to make it fairer as a battle, What do you think would be the 1 vs 1 Battles, you can leave people out and make it as even as you can to make it a good fight.

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Thor and Hyperion tip the scale for the Avengers. Unless Rogue gets her hands on any of them but I don't see that being likely.

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What about Nightcrawler decapitating everyone?

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the real question would be avengers AND x-men vs 100000 depowered professor x clones.

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@roddy010: Can Jean mindrape Hulk Hype and Thor?

Iceman and Colossus will be hard to put down as well. Maybe Thor can cancel his enchantment.

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@alexjrimmer: i thought of that, so thats why morals are on and no BFR's.but they could win most with nightcrawler doing that, but hulk, thor and hyperion would be a problem

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Thor just god blasts them, anti force, or GEO -FORCE, then they get there ass wooped, and then thor boasts about how he slayed them with his enchanted 'mallet', iron man takes the glory, captain america tells them they shouldnt be celebrating at ones death, falcon shows of his money makers, ant man tries to leave the team, thor eats his meatballs, hulk rages at thor for eating his meatballs, "to battle" says thor, they fight, thors laughs, hulk smashes, hulk dies, the world dies, thor goes to asgard, gaea spanks him, odin spanks him, odin calls him a "brute of foulest nature, "to battle" says thor, "hath at thee, i would smite thee with all the powers at my disposal" says odin, odin rapes him, banishes him to Jotunheim as a frost giant named "ice pig the tooth berserker", aliens invade Jotunheim, thor finds a temple to take refuge, he find mjolnir, remembers odin banished him, he then goes to odin while he is in the odin sleep or what ever he calls it, god blasts him to fuk, then he inherits the odin force, goes crazy, destroys the rest of the nine realms, agent coulson then pops out of no were with a pistol while thor is sleeping with his asgardian woman, boom head shot, thors skull breaks, story ends..

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Is Unstoppable Colosusus the Jugernaut?

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What about Nightcrawler decapitating everyone?

Morals are on and nothing states this is AoA Kurt, so whatever chances of that happening are absolutely zero. And regular street levelers have been able to tag Kurt when he's teleporting, so I find little chance even Captain America would end up losing against Kurt.

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Hulk, thor and Hyperion everyone, remember? avengers win

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Better choices for X Men would have made this a lot more even and A LOT less boring..

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X-men should win here...Jean as pf should solo...

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And what's stopping Jean Grey from using her telepathy to beat Team 1?

And who on Team 1 has an answer for Nightcrawler's teleportation? He could bfr all of them without being tagged once.

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@xxxddd: Read the OP before commenting "

no BFR"

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@xxxddd: Hyperion is also quicker than Nightcrawler. So he'd react before Nightcrawler could take him away anyway.

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Having Hulk on the avengers is way too much ... I dont even know what's the weakness of hulk :( I love the Xmen but Avengers will win this..

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They get blitzed, Hyperion is a speedster with superman-style power, Hyperion has confirmed nano second reactions. He can chuck everyone to into the planet Mars before they have a chance to react. Anyone who tries to come back from Hyperions slam dunk into Mars....well they get taken out by Thor's Godblast.




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Colossusnaut and Iceman can do serious damage.

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The X men get killed, ironman can solo a lot of these x men together and tony is not the strongest guy in the line up at all.

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Avengers literally can't even beat Iceman. Much less Collosonaut.

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Iceman? Don't get me wrong, he's a very powerful dude, but the avengers are like the actual all star team of marvel comics, just like jla is for DC, there are plenty of top tiers here who can lift over 1000 tons and with stand a hit from a nuke missile, the only guy on team x men who can do so is colossus. If it wasn't for him hulk or Thor solo, but he is not enough.