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Captain America, Spider-man, Ironman, Hulk
Cyclops, Bishop, Gambit, Sabertooth(upgraded)
Current versions
Fight starts in a the jungle
Fight to the death
Who wins and How?
just for the record im not completely sure how strong gambit is now

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Who's going to stop Hulk and Iron Man?

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Oh, wow.   
"Avengers vs X-Men". 
That's never been done before...
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i was hoping gambit and sabertooth but i guess since u said that  gambit is not as powerful as i thought.... i heard he had some kind of upgrade that makes him superpowerful so i though he could hang. and i figured since wolverine can hang with the hulk i just put sabertooth to make it interesting

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@CosmicSpiral said:
" Who's going to stop Hulk and Iron Man? "
hulk? no one.....and maybe if bishop got powered up from a couple of iron mans blast then he could pose a threat to iron man otherwise i got nothing
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Hulk could solo this. The most Cyke did to him in WWH was peel his skin off. He'd beat them to death with their own corpses.

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hulk wins by himself

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when was sabretooth ever an x-man?