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Fight takes place in an abandoned town each team has 1 hour of prep and start on opposite sides

Morals on

Win by death KO or incapataion

Spider-Man villans




Hob Goblin




Captain America

Black Panther


Luke Cage

Iron Fist

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This is close but im gonna go with the Avengers because of BP with prep and Ironfist

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Spidey villains. Too much power especially Sandman/Carnage/Rhino. One hour of prep is not going to change much.

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Avengers. The only trouble they'll have are Sandman and Electro and 1 hour prep for BP will be enough to strategize a winning plan

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Villains, carnage can take out most, he has defeated the avengers, a force to be reckoned with

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Avengers win.

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Very mixed comments, can anyone back there theory?

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PIS aside, how do they hurt Rhino? He is an 85 tonner with great durability. Iron Fist at a maximum punch could hurt him and Cage (25 tonner) could have some effect. But a thunder clap or a ground pound could take Iron Fist out and Cage is going to get hit if he tangles with Rhino and he can't really tank his punches.

Sandman is in the same boat. Unless they trick him into great heat making glass or a flood to wash him away they really can't hurt him and his team members can help save him from such situations. Meanwhile he can crush and suffocate any of them with no special set up required.

Carnage is a beast, stronger, faster, and more agile than any of his opponents. In a team setting, getting him with sonics or fire is more difficult as the other team members can shield or save him from such attacks.

Electro can one shot any of the opponents though he is at least squishy and can be hurt.

Lizard and Hobgoblin are tough physically and can deal out more damage than any of their opponents outside of a haymaker by Cage or Iron First.

In a real fight without the heroes win comic directive, I don't see how they lose.