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Instead of leading an alien invasion, Loki gathers a team of villains to counter the Avengers. The team is Loki, Abomination, Justin Hammer in a stolen Iron Man suit (Mark VI), and Hawkeye. The fight takes place in New York. I should also note these are all the movie versions. Since there is a lack of Revengers, Loki was able to steal a replica of the Destroyer that was secretly built by S.H.I.E.L.D.

The tesseract pro's

- Abomination's strength steadily increases

- Justin Hammer's energy projections are constantly charged.

- Loki's sceptre projections are also enhanced so he fire extended or multiple rays.

- The Destroy has limitless power supply

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too little revengers

should have added

Added other movie characters from different universes like zod or smoething

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Avengers win by sheer number...

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Haven't the Avengers like over 30 members? They stomp.