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Genis-Vell                             Superman 
Hyperion                                Aquaman 
Moondragon                          Martian Manhunter 
Chang-Chi           Vs.             Batman 
Captain Universe                   Wonder Woman 
Monica Rambeau                   Flash(BA) 
Quasar                                   Green Lantern(HJ) 
Manifold                                  Cyborg 
Morals off fight to the death 
Teams start out 10,000 feet apart 
Location - On top of Cloud City 
1 hour of prep 
Who wins and why?
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Since when is Hyperion and Shang Chi on the Avengers?

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In the new comics they are.
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Anyways, I think Superman would beat Moondragon, Quasar, Monica, Shang Chi and Genis-Vell with relative ease and then Superman would battle Hyperion and in a 1 on 1 fight I don't know who'd win it could go either way but if Supes has his whole team helping him then it's a stomp. Not familiar with Captain Universe though, how powerful is that.

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Captain Universe solos

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Batman w/ 1 hour prep solos.

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@WillPayton You're joking right?

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Shang Chi is the only one that Batman would have any chance at all of beating, even then it'd be hard pressed for both sides.

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Justice league for the win