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Film Green Goblin

Film Hobgoblin

Film Sandman

Film Lizard

Film Dr. Octopus

+ Abomination, Destroyer armor, and Magneto


Win by death, KO, etc.

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@shockers: Spider-Man rogues stomps

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@dondave said:

@shockers: Spider-Man rogues stomps


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Wouldn't Thors big lightning bolt take out all the rogues??

and movie Thor is durable enough to survive the 30,000ft helicarrier cage designed to kill Hulk

and Thor in hand to hand can soak hits from Hulk, this Hulk is a class 100 ton monster who standing still and with a single punch, one-shot very large serpent-like ship

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@dondave said:

@shockers: Spider-Man rogues stomps

haahahahahahaahhahahaha no

Thor and Hulk oneshot 90% of them. Abomination takes a little while but gets beat too. Destroyer armor gets oneshotted by Thor. Magneto and Sandman are the only ones who provide any type trouble but they go down too. Cap and BW are pretty much useless here. Hawkeye can do a little damage with his trick arrows.

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Do you mean Harry Osborn when you said Hobgoblin? Cause Hobgoblin's not been in a movie yet.

And Avengers win. Honestly, Thor could probably one-shot the entire Spider-Man villains crew, leaving just Abomination and Destroyer. (Movie Magneto has no durability feats and would get one-shot as well). Then Hulk takes Abomination while Thor takes Destroyer.