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Mace Windu from the 2003 Clone Wars cartoon vs Avatar Roku. Takes place here:

Roku vs Mace Windu: Who takes it?

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they are both beasts but roku is probably more powerful. Mace wont crush his skull initially so roku might win

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Roku, the Avatar before Aang, powerful then any Avatar ever. Roku has effortlessly destroyed the Throne Room of Sozin, the Fire Lord, leaving Sozin to watch. He has done something NO other Avatar has done, EVER. He has fired all 4 elements at once. Roku can also create Tornadoes, Tsunami's, Dust storms..Distance is the issue, I don't know if Mace has been known to speedblitz right on battle, if not, Roku takes this EASILY. If Mace tries speedblitzing, he can make a hove of Rock around him to protect himself. Then over-turn the ground on Mace Windu, crushing him into the soil.