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Its a rainy sunday  night, and Autumn is at home watching tv. " Stupid commercial" Autumn complains. He then picks up the remote from the couch his black couch and tunes into his favorite t.v show. " Now this is more like it" he says. He sits and laughs while watching his show. he hears thunder crackel in the background and rain taping against his windows. It annoys him but he ignors the sounds and continues watching his show. Soon he stops watching t.v and turns it off. He places the remote back into its place on the couch and begins to walk to his bedroom. He goes to his bed and sits down and faces his bedroom window. The shades are up and he could see deep into his backyard. He could see trees, and lots of rain. He then peers up above the trees of his yard and sees a full moon. " Hey for a night with a full moon im surely feeling good and relaxed" he whispers to himself. Autumn soons gets up from his bed and begins to get undressed. He removes his green t shirt, and  then removes his jeans. He then lays down in his bed, pulls his blankets over his legs and tourso and closes his eyes. He begins to drift away, but just before he could fully fall asleep, a huge gust of wind enters his room from his bedroom window.

Autumn turns over and faces his window. "What the heck?" he whispers tiredly. " I thought the window was close". He then Pulls the blanket off of him and gets up from his bed. He goes up to the window and closes it. He looks out of the closed window, still tired, and he sees and odd figure running across his back yard. Autumn rubs his eyes, and looks back out again....... but this time he saw nothing. " Im just tired" he assured himself. He turns around and goes back to bed, lays down and begins to drift once again.

Tap tap tap!!! The sound of tapping against Autumns window awakes him up. He turns around and faces the window. He gets up form his bed for the second time and goes up to his window.He looks out, but cant see anything. The window appared to be covered with snow. " Snow" he questioned himself. If it was snow, it was very thik snow cuse he couldnt see anything out side.Tap tap tap!!! he hears loud tapping on the window in front of him. " what the heck is that?". He bangs on the window in atempt to clean the snow off the window. But instead of the snow falling off he hears a loud rawr. Rawrrr!!!! " what the?". He backs up away from the window, and what appeared to be snow moved away from the window as well and into his backyard. Autumn runs up to the window and peers out with wide eyes. out side of his window stairing right at him was a huge white Balverine Wolf. "What on earth is that?". Autumn back up even more and runs to his living room. He stands there for a while and trys to get his head stright, hes still felling sleepy. The he runs to his back door and opens it. A huge gust of wind and rain rushes into the house and blows Autumn off balance. As soon as he gains balance he walks outside, still in his boxers, and enters a world of wind and rain.

He looks around his yard, but cant see anything. He walks up to his room window from the outside and looks in side. He looks around his room a bit, everything seems to be in order. He then truns around and looks towards his weeping willow tree. Under the tree he could see the huge white figure once again. Autumn keeps his ground and closes his eyes. He imagines  flames burning the flesh of his palms. He opens his eyes and looks down at the palms of his hands. In each plam appeared fire balls a littel bigger then base balls flickering in his hands. The fire balls quickly began to burn out due to the rain, but before they could fully burn out he through the flames in the Wolfs direction. One of them misses and hits the tree, but the other one hits him dead in the head and the Balverine crys out. Rawr!!!!! " I think I made it mad, hehe".

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put this in the rpg section bro, your nasty wit it man