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Best Aurora design I have seen ever

My brother and I were having this discussion the other day and we ended up in a tie, lol. So I thought better ask the professionals.

Who wins and why

Round one: Three laps around the world from

Round two: Morals, One day prep, sahara desert win by stalemate or ko

Round three: No Morals, bloodlusted, win by death, k.o or stalemate

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im assuming you are talking about jesse chambers and not her mother since jesse was the speedster. aurora has an overall greater speed potential since jesse maxs out as half the speed of light. but aurora has really hit those speeds since her body probably couldnt take it. plus jesse has super strength. jesse clears all three rounds

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Jesse, ftw. Girl defies all Speedster laws for no apparent reason:

She makes no sense whatsoever. I hate her and I love her, haha.