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no reply?

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Aquaman wins.

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Due to trident in play speed of aquaman i see him winning this

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Aquaman is muuuuuuuuch faster, stronger and more durable than Attuma and the Trident seals it.

He can also mindrape Attuma if he is bored with the fight.

PS. Attuma in the (rather disappointing) Avengers Assemble was the most powerful version of Attuma I've seen, but he still is much slower than Aquaman and susceptible to damage from the Trident, although it would be a better fight, albeit the result would be the same.

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@fallschirmjager: One of Namor's major villains.

Underwater barbarian warlord. Super Strength, underwater speed, good fighter and leader, full Atlantean.

He used to be around "class 60" going by Marvel metrics, but I think Doom enhanced him in the past few years.

Still just a generic melee brute kind of character.

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@comicfan11: Gotcha. I don't read or care about anything Namor related lol

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Is it the Avengers Assemble version ? i think he wins as he was beating all the avengers at once but if comic version he loses badly .

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That version of Attuma (like the show) was serious bullsh!t. He beat Iron Man and Thor like they were nothing and it took a seriously enraged Hulk to beat him. The comics Attuma was nowhere near that powerful. Regardless, Aquaman wins.