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My second battle inspired by a fan-fic of mine (Terra/Misfit: World's Finest, which can be found here).



- 1 day prep

- Battlefield: Manhattan. They start on opposite sides of the city.

- Winner gets a shopping spree

- No outside help from Power Girl or the BoP


Since the characters are somewhat obscure:

Atlee appeared in a mini of her own, and in the Power Girl series. Her abilities are the same as the regular Terra's, but she is also shown being resistant to heat and being able to go into a sort of healing coma. She can control rock and earth on a massive scale.

Misfit appeared throughout the later Birds of Prey issues. She has enhanced strength, and flawless teleportation abilities. If she attempts to "bounce" another living creature along with her, it violently explodes.


Round 1!

In character. Atlee will not use her abilities to uproot a city, won't kill, will generally avoid as much destruction as possible, etc. Misfit will not use her powers to teleport anyone (therefore causing them to burst)

Round 2!

Vicious and willing to kill. They'll do anything to win.

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Round 1: Atlee probably wins. Misfit can teleport, but she can't cause any damage outside of her own fists, and logically Atlee could wrap herself in rock armor or something so she couldn't be damaged. Then it's just a matter of when she lands a solid hit.

Round 2: Misfit wins... Flawless victory... FATALITY

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Well, originally I was going with Terra (who I think is great) in round 1 and possibly round 2, but I think I'm changing my mind. It looks like Misfit can teleport pretty darn fast, and Atlee has normal durability I believe, or at most low-level enhancement. So Misfit could conceivably teleport over to her and knock her out with her own enchanced strength before Atlee could even take defensive measures. Plus, apparently Misfit heals at high speeds while teleporting, so she could deal with most attacks by an in-character Atlee. And Misfit's explodo-portation power makes round 2 a win for her too.

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