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Aquaman, Aqualad, and 1000 of Atlantis's most skilled warriors

Wonderwoman, Wondergirl, and 1000 of their most skilled Amazons.

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This one's a real close one considering these two races are both powerhouses. Im going to however side with Team Atlantis, not because I'm a huge Aqua fan but due to the fact that Aquaman is of royal blood and has been able to take on Wonder Woman by himself (pre-52 and New 52 series). In comparison, the Atlanteans are very skilled, experienced, and brute warriors in and out of the ocean. New York also carries bodies of water around the city which is the domain of the Atlanteans giving them a slight advantage over the Amazons.

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atlantis wins but nit easy

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I'm sure the Atlantis magic would play a major role in their victory