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DISCLAIMER: All matches are chosen RANDOMLY, so if a match is spite and/or a mismatch, please don't go ballistic on me. Thank you.

Anyways, here's how it will work.

1. The contestants will take turns to either provide reasons why their character wins, or counter their opponents reason.

2. When I feel they've debated enough, I will tell them to stop.

3. Users other than the combatants will then vote for who they feel had the best argument. First to 5 votes advances (If you're biased or anything of the sort, I won't count your vote).

15 minutes of prep.

Full knowledge for both.

Pre-Avengers Disassembled arc SW.

In-Character. (However the will not to kill is removed if needed)

Winner by Death.

Fight takes place here:

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You may now begin.

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.....Isn't Scarlet Witch a reality warper?

Of all the things I could get....I get the one that has the best chance of winning against Alucard....

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@kikomia: I don't recall her being able to warp reality, I think her ability is more along the lines of probability manipulation.

Anyways, bump.

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Can someone give me e brief bio on alucard? No wait never mind... I think he wins.

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Dayumn, Scarlet Witch? Not bad. Excited to see this debate.

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With the given prep I think the Scarlet Witch can successfully defeat his character. Knowing of his speed thanks to the op setting Wanda herself can create few enchantments to either already dismantle his speed by turning the environment against him or so. She basically can turn the tides against anything he throws at her, her gift over probability can replicate what other probability user can do such as Domino and Longshot. It ranges from telekinetic-like feats to those mimicking magic.

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Turning the environment won't do much, seeing how Alucard can turn intangible.

Also, his handcannons (pistols) pack so much firepower, they explode on contact. I don't think she could live through that.