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DISCLAIMER: All matches are chosen RANDOMLY, so if a match is spite and/or a mismatch, please don't go ballistic on me. Thank you.

Anyways, here's how it will work.

1. The contestants will take turns to either provide reasons why their character wins, or counter their opponents reason.

2. When I feel they've debated enough, I will tell them to stop.

3. Users other than the combatants will then vote for who they feel had the best argument. First to 5 votes advances (If you're biased or anything of the sort, I won't count your vote).

15 minutes of prep.

Full knowledge for both.

Aang has access to the Avatar State.

Dark Tournament arc Yusuke.

In-Character. (However the will not to kill is removed if needed)

Winner by Death.

Fight takes place here:

You may now begin.

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Dammit! Comicvine glitched out on me and now I have two threads of the same thing.

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@Stingerrain: Done.