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DISCLAIMER: All matches are chosen RANDOMLY, so if a match is spite and/or a mismatch, please don't go ballistic on me. Thank you.

Anyways, here's how it will work.

1. The contestants will take turns to either provide reasons why their character wins, or counter their opponents reason.

2. When I feel they've debated enough, I will tell them to stop.

3. Users other than the combatants will then vote for who they feel had the best argument. First to 5 votes advances (If you're biased or anything of the sort, I won't count your vote).

15 minutes of prep.

Full knowledge for both.

Midnighter has access to Doors, however he cannot BFR with them.

In-Character. (However the will not to kill is removed if needed)

Winner by Death.

Fight takes place here:

You may now begin.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand its stuck

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@joewell: Yup. I seriously hope this isn't going to happen everytime I post a match.

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Note: these are all from Kinasin_'s Respect the Violator thread.

Smashes his brother The Vandalizer

Pulls hearts out human chest's casually

Rips spawns heart out his chest and gives him a beating

Ok, so while Violator is powerless from having his powers taken away by Malebolgia he tells some kids of his Encounter with Medieval Spawn,“Cogliostro”

Shoots a stream of Hellfire out his mouth and torches Medieval Spawn’s Necro Armor right off his body

Manipulating Jason Wynn to Mess with spawn. Also take note that violator has the power to create illusions with magic. Hence the security guards not knowing he is actually there through the security camera’s even though they are running normally. Also he disabled his phone with magic as well

Already with only a few of many feats Violator has the upper hand. His strength is superior to Midnighter's. He easily ripped Spawn's heart out(Spawn has tanked cars and his suit is a whole other story) showing his strength. He can take insane amounts of damage and still fight. Violator can also use necro magic. He can create illusions to trick Midnighter and disable any technological advantage he has. His hellfire was able to destroy a hellspawn's suit, which means he can easily kill Midnighter with it.