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we take astroboy from his last anime serie vs megaman from megaman 10

battle to "death" (as dead as a robot can be) or ko, no prep, battle takes place in a futuristic city

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I only have one Astro-Boy comic lol.

It was the one where he was holding a tank or something. Anyways, what are Astro-Boy's feats?

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Megaman should win with all his upgrades.

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Mega Man


  • Larger arsenal of abilities
  • Better tactical options
  • Can manipulate time to some extent
  • Shields give him temporary invulnerability
  • Several attacks ignore outer defenses


  • Outclassed in physical strength
  • Not as fast or maneuverable
  • Many abilities have a set amount of times they can be used



  • Literally a 100x if not 1000x of times stronger physically than Megaman
  • Much more durable(debatable)
  • More maneuverability
  • Has the ability to analyze Megaman’s body to some extent
  • Projectile attacks are as strong if not stronger than most of Megaman’s weapons(debatable)
  • More powerful fuel source


  • Not as many tactical options
  • Can be taken off guard by Megaman’s diverse abilities
  • Can’t counter time manipulation powers