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Aspen Matthews:




  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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I think Aspen Matthews takes this, but I believe he'll make her work for it no doubt

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Arthur has a clear edge on her physically. However Aspen is faaaaaaar more hax. Not sure if she has any way to resist his telepathy. And yes, I am aware she is a telepath, though from what I have seen, a very low level one. Could go either way, really.

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I honestly don't know much about Aspen beyond 'that bikini chick Michael Turner made', but I did some reading, and she sounds like new-52 Mera, essentially. Given the environment and Arthur's physiological reliance on water, I'm guessing she can take this. New-52 Aquaman is sadly lacking in the TP department, we haven't seen it work on non-marine life before. I think Aspen would win this.

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OP needs to make it clear which version this is. Seriously, am I the only one who hates it when there is no clear indication of which version a character is meant to be during a battle? Really, how hard is it to say, "X version of Character Y before Z upgrade"

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Yeah it can be annoying. I mean I just assume current version if no specification assuming of course said character did not get a recent power boost

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@blackwind: It says in the rules you go by the version pictured but to clarify this is current versions of both.

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Interesting. Voting for the hot chick.

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Aspen would curbstomp Aquaman. He can't even hurt her in this scenario

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ends in ....