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Round 1 is set on Yavin IV during the events of the first CW show. Ventress has been sent to kill Anakin Skywalker. As she kills the last of Anakin's Clone Troopers though, a young man in white and blue armor appears and draws a blue lightsaber.

"Your massacre ends here assassin"

Scoffing at this armored stranger challenging her, Ventress draws her lightsabers and attacks.

Round 2 is set on Coruscant. Ventress is on her way have the duel with Anakin that resulted in Anakin getting his scar only to run into the Hero of Tython instead. Sensing the Force within him, Ventress draws her lightsabers.

"I would not raise your lightsabers against me if I were you" the armored Jedi says simply.

Ventress snarls with anger and charges him.

Who wins?


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I am sorry but this is just like making a thread where Asajj defeats a warrior from World of Warcraft. It doesn't really work in terms of feats.

The best chance to judge this is using A+B=C logic. What/Who has the Jedi of OTR defeated/killed compared to what has been taken out by Asajj?

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@Spellca: Actually it doesn't. Any and all cutscenes count for feat purposes. And the Hero of Tython has defeated Sith Emperor Vitiate. I think he's more than capable of taking Ventress.

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Oh, he would crush Ventress. I am just pointing out the fall in using MMO characters.

I would have made a thread such as "Darth Thanaton vs. Asajj Ventress" to avoid the various types of powers the playable character might have varying from account to account

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@Spellca: Power levels do vary from account to account, this is true. But there are still some things the Hero of Tython does regardless of how they are played. Again, cutscenes count, and the Hero of Tython's feats concerning both actions in cutscenes and things that are unavoidably done throughout the story (like beating the Emperor) are more than sufficient for purposes of using the character in a Versus Thread.

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Yes. But I have to say this is a mismatch thread. You knew going into this Asajj Ventress has no chance.

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@Spellca: In terms of Force ability perhaps. But what about lightsaber skill?

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Just in lightsabers, the Hero takes it. Assuming, like traditional Jedi and not MMO characters, he keeps the lightsaber he made on Tython up until and past his fight with the Emperor - he would become very comfortable with using it.

I never played the Jedi story but if it is like the Sith stories at all, many sword and lightsaber wielding enemies would have fallen before the Jedi. He would have seen many fighting styles and maybe ways of fighting. Ventress is skilled but her style of combat would be just another style seen by the Jedi from his other Dark Side foes. He would counter, adapt and conquer the Sith Acolyte.