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Asajj Ventress duels Mace Windu's old apprentice on Hypori where Grievous was first encountered by the Jedi. Who wins?


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Pretty sure Depa has this one in the bag.

Going by Mace's inner dialogues in Shatterpoint, Depa's bladework and proficiency in Vaapad rivals his own mastery of the form. That alone definitely seals her a win in a lightsaber duel.

She was a High Council member before her breakdown on Harrun Kal, so I would assume her Force abilities are more potent than Asajj's as well.

Depa takes the majority

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@steelhound56: The problem with your analysis is that there is a lot of speculation and logic. Feats supercede speculation here every time, and often logic too.

Mace only narrowly drove off Ventress showing that he is only marginally better. Mind you, this was Ventress after being trained by Dooku.

Ventress pre-training lost (albeit barely) to what was for all intents and purposes AotC Anakin. So yes, that version of Ventress loses a lightsaber duel to Depa, but Ventress post-training and Depa are both only marginally below Mace Windu, so there is no clear superior there. I’d actually say Ventress is the slight superior though simply because she has more feats, but if she is better the margin is relatively thin.

In terms of the Force, assuming she is strong in the Force because she is on the Council just doesn’t work. Coleman Trebor was on the Council and it makes him no less featless. In terms of Force ability, Ventress has caused an avalanche:

Depa has done nothing on that level that I know of and a check on Wookiepedia (yes, Wookiepedia, but still) had nothing to say about her regarding Force showings.

So in fact looking at the evidence I say Ventress wins if its her after being trained by Dooku. She is approachable to Depa in a saber duel and has her outclassed in the Force department. She wins. Now the version of Ventress that fought Anakin on Yavin and Dooku on Rattatak has a tougher time of it because she’s Depa’s inferior in saber dueling but is still better in terms of the Force, so that could go either way. All out though I’m still leaning towards Ventress since she can at least keep up in the saber department whereas Depa can’t keep up in the Force department. Strictly saber duel with pre-training Ventress though Depa does win.

Credit goes to Silver for the scans by the way

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@shroudofsorrow: LOL. You should credit Silver2467 for those scans unless you have those comics yourself.

I honestly can't recall Depa's TK feats, if she had anything. Either I wasn't paying attention when I read Shatterpoint or she is simply featless/has no feats of note. Anyways, Ventress wins in that department for sure.

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@shootingnova: That's what I said.

And yeah, I guess I should credit Silver like I always do.

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I think depa would win since vaapad channels rage/anger of the enemy into power for the one using right? thats how mace got his amp versus sidious iirc