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Arishem agrees, yet scathan disagrees on a cosmic event. 
LT decides to let the two duke it out to see who's counts. 
Who wins. 
•No backing from the LT, or outside forces. 

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Simple. So simple, in fact, that it is a given. Living Tribunal has never once called upon Arishem; Whenever he has to issue an Ultimatum, Who he gonna call? Not Arishem...! Also, Eternity is quoted as telling Hawk God that Scathan's sole purpose is to record and approve of what transpires--Plus, this dude put a frieking Muzzle on Protege. I mean, can you have any more swag unless you are Thanos with HOTU & IG?

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Scathan has only one or two feats. But those feats crap on anything Arishem's ever done.

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Yeah, I mean, we're talking about judging Worlds vs Judging Absolutely Everything in Comic Existence. (Marvel Universe) In the DC Universe, there is only The Great Evil Beast and The Presence; But Marvel has created a complex hierarchy of Power & Ability and Importance & Responsibility. Not to say that there is not a complex amalgam of 'Gods' and Mythical Beings in the DC Universe, they exist in both, but when it comes to Absolute Decision, it is with The Living Tribunal and Scathan The Approver that triumphs.

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I like Arishem's bucket head better.

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My favorite Entity is Amatsu Mikaboshi. I feel that it is slightly hilarious, whether intentional or not, that its presence and impending takeover caused Death to "flee." Do you see the point I'm getting at? (Run Bitch. Because Life is a Bitch and Death is an even bigger one) I also love this moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-rl0tfQO9E Best Batman Quote ever in the whole entire wide world and universe.

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stalemate celestials cant kill each other

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I see this battle actually being a cosmic thumbwar. 

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@OmegaDynasty: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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Scanthan stomps.

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Scathan curbstomps.

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@OmegaDynasty said:

I see this battle actually being a cosmic thumbwar.


Scathan stomps in cosmic thumbwar XD