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Battle takes take in Antartica.

Morals on? Haha.

No prep.

Start 50 yards away.

Ares vs. Carnage

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Hmmm. Ares is obviously the better fighter but carnage can take a lot of damage.

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Ares is strong but carnage is quite strong as well though not on the level of ares. But physical attacks really do nothing to carnage because of his symbiote, and, carnage has ways of really hurting ares with those tendrils..... He could insert them into his nose and mouth and rip out his brain, etc. Overall I think if u give ares firearms and his adamantium weapons and armour to start with, then ares can win due to his skill with weaponry as the god of war. H2h? Carnage just might overwhelm ares h2h, he can form weapons with his symbiote suit, and just has too many abilities.

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Well i forgot to mention. Ares has his regular armor and normal weapons for this battle.

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I really don't see how could Carnage harm Ares in any significant way. If anything Carnage will be a big pain in the butt, but Ares emerges victorious.

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Sentry comes along and rips both in half... again. I'd favour Ares tbh, but Carnage is pretty strong, durable and quick and that symbiote is pretty dangerous with its ability to make weapons.

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Ares should win. He`s the better combatant and his strength is greater in my opinion.

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Really, dint see how carnage could hurt im, well look at it this way, he can lift 50+ tons and can make his Symbiote super sharp weapons that he can throw, he has more agility, and wall climbing (glaciers), and any physical wound the Symbiote heals immediately. His healing factor is most of the time better then wolvie's, it can even cure cancer.

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@18hunt: are you defending ares or carnage?

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Um, which Ares are we using? the Marvel one or the DC one?

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If we were using ABC logic (which I am not), Ares lasted a whole lot longer fighting Sentry than Carnage did :P

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Replace Sentry with Ares.

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