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Deathstroke (New 52 Version):

Round 1:

  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Unarmed (No Nth Metal armor for DS)
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap

Round 2:

  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear (Adamantium Daggers and arrow tips for Archer)
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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New-52 and Pre-New 52 are pretty much identical (sans armor of course)

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What sort of feats do we have for Archer?

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Archer look like Steve Roger.What are his feats?

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Deathstroke wins.

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@dane said:

What sort of feats do we have for Archer?

@homicidalmaniac said:

Archer look like Steve Roger.What are his feats?

Right here :D:

Archer has an ability called Perception that allows him to utilize any skill he's learnt to fullest and nigh instantly learn it. How it actually works hasn't been fully explained yet. Its kind of a mixture between Taskmasters ability to copy skills and the ability to instantly master them after learning them:

Archer demonstrating Perception:

Perception also allows him to pinpoint nerves and weakspots. For example here he hits a guard in the hand causing him to shoot his allies and in the other he focuses his attack into a deathblow:

He has quick reactions:

Thanks to his training he can actually hang with superhumans. Gilad is Armstrong's brother and as an immortal has over ten thousand years combat experience. Ontop of that he's a 5tonner:

This is what happened both times he went against Archer:

Durable enough to take a car getting thrown at him with only a few broken ribs:

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From what you have shown this Archer is really good.....but DS would take him. Unarmed this would be quite a fight but sooner or later DS superior physical stats combined with his skills would overwhelm even all the fighting styles Archer has. In round 2 i think DS standard gear would give him an even bigger advantage.

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Slade is taking this. As much as I love Archer, he is simply outclassed here. In the original series, I don't think he has ever lost a fight. He has used pure martial skill, to school Armstrong, a immortal with Luke Cage level strength, and busted Shadowman's Ass at night. Shadowmen have their physicals enhanced at night. He has beaten down gangs and ninja, but besides the two men I mentioned earlier, every other opponent Archer has faced were essentially more human then Slade, nowhere near as intelligent, and carried the occasional baseball Bat, sword, or handgun.

Slade is a freaking meta human with a super brain, more Weapons then a military convoy, equal skill (Armstrong and Shadowman can't fight for ish and rely on their stats) Unless you give Archer an assortment of Military Weapons, a head start to find a hiding spot, and a strength and speed boost, he stands not a chance, despite his ability to learn ones abilities.