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Black Panther:


  • Morals On
  • Pre-King Of The Dead Black Panther
  • Archer has a pair of adamantium knives and a crossbow
  • Black Panther has his standard gear
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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When you say pre king of the dead black panther do you mean pre doom war or man without fear version (when he was filling in for daredevil)?

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@jashro44: The version that wasn't enhanced by herbs or KOD. I believe that was MWF version?

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Black Panther

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@strider92: yep that's the man without fear version. What are archers feats?

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@jashro44 said:

@strider92: yep that's the man without fear version. What are archers feats?

Here ya go:

Archer has an ability called Perception. It was recently revealed that Archer is a Harbinger like Peter Stanchek and that his ability is to psionically copy movements and fighting styles by pulling them directly from his opponents mind. Its kind of a mixture between Taskmasters ability to copy skills and Gorgons low level movement reading via telepathy:

Archer demonstrating Perception:

Perception also allows him to pinpoint nerves and weakspots. For example here he his a guard in the hand causing him to shoot his allies and in the other he focuses his attack into a deathblow (chi):

He has incredibly quick reactions:

Thanks to his training he can actually hang with superhumans. Gilad is Armstrong's brother and has been alive and fighting for almost ten thousand years. Ontop of that he's a 5tonner:

Gilad Vs X-O Manowar:

This is what happened both times Gilad went against Archer:

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@strider92: I will go with Black Panther. Copying Black Panthers skill and being able to use it are 2 different things. For example in secret was black panther beat a skrull that had the powers and skills of Black Panther himself along with various other heroes (Admittedly this was when Black panther had the herb but the skrull was probably equally enhanced if not more so). I am not saying archer isn't a good combatant but I think Black panther can match most of his feats. His fight with Gilad (eternal warrior?) was impressive but I think Black panthers showing against Kraven was equally as impressive. Archer does have the ability to read black panthers movements but I think black panther is faster. Black Panther even during hells kitchen was able to effortlessly catch an arrow, was evading lady bullseye & typhoid mary while carrying a woman on his back, and was moving at the speed of a blur blitzing hand ninjas.