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Setting- In an unpopulated California Beach (they have sharks) at dawn that is about 600 meters from a city

Rules- Kill, or KO (no BFR)

AM starts n water, SS starts on a skyscraper


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Aquaman gets stomped here...SS has him beat in pretty much every category. SS is way more versatile w/ his powers on top of that...

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I'm gonna go with Super Skrull.

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Super Skrull.

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What about the water advantage, remember he can use his powers to contact other too I believe!

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This has been done.

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Super-Skrull has some serious challenges to overcome here. First, Aquaman begins this fight underwater, so off top his strength exceeds the Ben Grimm portion of KL'rt's power set. Second, the Human Torch portion of his powerset won't do as much as one would think due to Aquaman's resistance to heat based attacks (Black Manta's heated concussive force blasts, flamethrowers,etc...). I dont see Mr Fantastic's powers doing much in this particular battle. Third, while the Invisible Woman's powers are his most formidible, he'd have to aim correctly to trap and/or "bubble in the brain" Aquaman. Difficult to do when your opponent is both as fast as Aquaman has proven himself to be, and is below the "Light Line". By the way,IIRC the Skrulls are a reptillian species, possibly amphibian. What's stopping Aquaman from sitting Indian-style 50 fathoms below the surface and telepathically ravaging Super-Skrull with cerebral hemmorages, epileptic fits, making him forget how his powers work, OR(to pull a page out of Mr Fantastic's bag o' tricks) making him forget who he is and forcing him to shape shift into a cow for the the next 250 years? I purposely omitted what he can do with Poseidon's Trident to illustrate just how many options people forget he has. I'm sure @beatboks1 can back me up on this.

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The only real problem her for Aquaman is Sue Forcefield expanding in a person body technique. Although he may not be able to do it as Sue has had years to learn how to manipulate her forcefield, the Super Skrull may not be able to accomplish the same feats as her. If there are scans of him doing so, can someone post them?

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@heraldofganthet: other than the fact Aquamans TP doesn't work like that nothing. His TP affects lower sea life but he can only nudge them to do what he wants. Things strength is above Aquamans for the most part, Human Torch's blast way hotter than any Black Manta could come up with , Invisible Woman's powers give him stealth, protection ( force fields) and offensive capabilities to trap or disable Aquaman, Mr. Fantastic... Hmmm , maybe they keep him from being run through by the Trident if Arthur attacks.

Super Skrull FTW.

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@wavemotioncannon: other than the fact Aquamans TP doesn't work like that nothing.

If this were New 52 Aquaman, we'd be in perfect agreement. However, since the OP doesn't specify Pre or Post-Flashpoint, my earlier post reflects what either Pre-Flashpoint Aquaman (Harpoon version) and/or "Waterbearer" Aquaman could do with the greatest of ease. By the way, a fully hydrated Aquaman would embarass Ben Grimm as illuminated in the thread "Aquaman vs Thing".

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@wavemotioncannon: Aquaman's telepathy is just like regular telepathy. Aquaman even in the New 52 is shown to be stronger than the Thing. Forcefield's can always be broken and the Super Skrull isn't powerful as Sue with them IIRC

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My main concern would be Skrulls speed and flying, but that's the only advantage he holds over Arthur.

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@pwok21: My main concern would be Skrulls speed and flying, but that's the only advantage he holds over Arthur.

Well stated. But flight is only a factor if you haven't been on the recieving end of a telepathic assault that made you forget who you are/how your powers work in the first place. Good call.

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The only reason I wasn't taking telepathic attacks into account is because I wasn't sure if New-52 Arthur had any decent feats (I haven't been keeping current).

I still think that Arthur would take the majority, but if Skrull uses his powers intelligently he stands a chance... I just don't see him doing that. That said if telepathy is a thing for New-52 Arthur then yeah, he stomps pretty badly.

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Super Skrull would stomp Aquaman

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SUper Skrull would stomp Aqualame. He would have trouble with the Thing nevermind the Skrulls other 3 powers from the FF.

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If the skrull shapeshifted into Mera he could trick aquaman long enough to put him down. Aquaman has very basic TP feats in New 52 and not anything close to Pre 52. I see Klrrt winning due to speed and versatility

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I give aquaman the win here, given they are in water. Strength wise the guy bench presses an ocean liner with relative ease which is 160,00 to 200, 000 tons. Trust me he's up there with ol Benny.

He extremely fast in water, faster than Superman in water. Aquaman is second to only his wife.

This battle takes place in water so he can call in many sea creatures to assist and act as a distraction.

The trident he carries is more than enough sufficient weapon to bring some pain tp SS.

This a good fight but in the water I give it to Aquaman. His already strong abilities on land is amplified in water.

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Skrull via brain pop.

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If SS turns invisible, can AM track him down using TP?

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Skrull also has telepathy so I don't think that's an automatic win for Arthur. Super Skrull is just too much for him.

Kl'rt kills him.