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Round 1 New 52 Aquaman with trident and scale armor vs current Spiderman. The battle takes place in a very flooded Time Square. Win by death or KO and no prep for Spiderman.

Round 2 Same as round 1 but Spiderman gets 2 hour prep in his lab but has no knowledge of Aquaman.

Round 3: Same as round 1 but Spiderman gets 1 hour prep in his lab with wiki knowledge of Aquaman.

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1 Aquaman
2 Aquaman
3 Maybe Spiderman but I'm gonna say Aquaman wins all three to kick the debate off.

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Arthur, Curries all rounds. Except for maybe 3rd.

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R1 - Aquaman easily.

R2 - Aquaman easily.

R3 - Aquaman easily. There isn't much SSM can do with an hour that will stop Arthur from locating Peter's basal ganglia.

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Round 1: Aquaman super stomps.

Round 2: Aquaman super stomps.

Round 3: Aquaman super stomps.

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Aquaman wins every round handily

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Aquaman stomps in all three rounds.

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Wow I know super friends really messed up Arthur's cred but his still a bulletproof, 100 tonner, telepath for christs sake.