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Going Arthur here.

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Aquaman's superhuman jumping feat was somewhat irrelevant as he was leaping from off the ground outside the water. However, he does express great leaping prowess, generated from his speed exiting the water depicting that he could grab Iron Man if he does dare fly overseas.

Here are scans from Aquaman #17 where he leaps from outside the water and tips the 1,000 ton ship lopsided:

Here are panels of Aquaman saving Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock from drowning, leaping onto a building:

And then goes in to save Mera afterwards:

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@clark_el: @thorson: Agreed on ThorSon's reasons. Without his helmet, Iron Man is vulnerable to any attacks to the face and more so underwater. If Aquaman get's a chance to pull him underwater it's over. Knowing how tempting everything might be for Iron Man, he'll definitely want to try and test Aquaman's abilities, especially if it's a random encounter from two different universes; therefore, Iron Man is finished. Here are couple panels depicting the same scenario I explained; however, Namor is in place of Aquaman. Although, Doctor Strange saved him, this is still accountable for as a defeat on behalf of Iron Man.

Anyone else watching Iron Man 2 on FX right now?

I think you are vastly underrating Iron Man if you think that he has never beaten or can't handle Namor a underwater Namor. That one fight where Namor has won. However There many examples of Iron Man doing well aganist Namor.






For every example that Namor has won, there one where Iron Man has won a fight aganist Namor. If you actually review all of Namor fights Iron Man. They have been mostly even, and Namor may overpower Iron Man. Iron Man usually can beat Namor by outsmarting him. While I am nitpicking, almost every encounter Iron Man has with Namor has been close fights.

despite that Iron Man has defeated robots that have overpowered Wet Namor underwater before.



Again it's not like Iron Man can handle Aquaman underwater.

@argusx: He didn't yet, but Aquaman does possess the first king's trident made from Atlantean artifacts which Vulko told him where to find it. However, he's yet to be depicted of water manipulation as of right now and primarily uses the trident rather as his kingship...and a skrewer. Although, he is shown to have puncture through Darkseid, being the only Leaguer to do so and make him bleed, and break through the magical ice barrier of Graves which seemed indestructible at the time. His capabilities with the trident has yet to be fully determined.

The argument that Iron Man is helpless against Aquaman's trident is wrong due to the fact that Iron Man has magnetism, able to blind with Aquaman with unibeam, he also energy shield that could block slashes from Wolverine. He can use boot jets that have forced Hulk/Sentry to release their hands from Iron Man before. It's perfectly possible for Iron Man to escape Iron Man from close range. Arc reactor also gives Iron Man a little bit of a healing factor himself. As Pepper potts in human form could survived a building explosion due Tony's arc reactor. Pepper potts has overpowered Electro with electromagnetic pulse from the arc reactor. Iron Man has overpowered tanks/cars/jet, Wolverine, and other things before




His armors do have auto-repair even if Aquaman manages to damage Iron Man's armor suit.


Here a few examples of Iron Man using magnetism



during AVX. Iron Man manipulate magnetic fields in Jupiter. He tanked Magneto throw doznes of metal discs at Iron Man.


Here Pepper pott using Tony's arc reactor while she fights Sandman and Electro with it.


fun fact in Avengers vol1# 1 and 2 Iron Man has caused Hulk to leviate and repel Thor's mjolnir with magnetism as well.

Besides that Iron Man has sonics that have damaged Wonder Man, Atlas, and Hercules.


Aquaman fighting Black Manta in extreme heat and force, breaking a harpoon with his skin from close-range, and withstanding Black Manta intense heat blasts at point blank.

As for the argument that Aquaman could withstand Iron Man's extreme heat. I don't see much evidence to that due to the fact that Iron Man has effected Hulk/Sentry/Thor with his boot jets. He also has effected Namor with his extreme heat, he has beaten Namor due to this.http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/8/80103/2963312-2763256-hulk2.jpg



Heck Iron Man's unibeam has released heat as much as the surface of the sun.


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@beatboks1: Explain why.

Being able to withstand the immense pressure of the ocean depths, his skin durability's tough enough to be invulnerable to extreme gun fire, heat, and sharp objects. If Iron Man want to make Aquaman into a grilled fish, he's going to have to try really hard first; and if he does inflict damage with his repulsive heated-plasmic rays, Aquaman's incredible skin durability has what it takes to deflect it.

Aquaman's speed is also substantial being depicted to go about 1000knots having dodged multiple arrows at once in all directions, chasing class-7 sting ray missiles, and even outswim The Operative's special plane that can reach hypersonic speeds greater than Mach 10. His speed and reflexes are beyond compared to in the water but does carry over his attributes while on the surface as well.

Iron Man is likely to be faster than Aquaman is on the water or on land. Iron Man was able to outrun quinjets, Human Torch, F4's flag ship, Ms.Marvel all at once before. Quinjet, F4's flagship, Ms.Marvel can all achieve escape velocity. He is easily outmanuvered than most planes/missiles on the planet with ease. He used to practice fighting against IBCM all the time for practice. He has also surprised and impressed Sentry in speed, and Sentry couldn't easily tag him . Iron Man is keeping up with Sentry from going the sun to the earth when sending Collective to the sun. During Collective arc, Iron Man has grabbed in space, and move across circle across earth in seconds. He . His bootjets could resist mini black hole that absorbed entire city into that destroyed multiple extremist beings. Most suits also can acheive escape velocity too. He has also intercepted a bullet while being in space to flying into another country in moments.



He also has computer sensors that can multiple objects, and can even shoot objecting flying at rentry speeds. He has them before to tag Quicksilver in West Coast Avengers. He has tried to them use aganist Spider-man in Civil Wars. So it's very likely that Iron Man can keep u with Aquaman speed in the land.







As for feat of Strength. Iron Man has made Sentry's nose bleed with a punch. He has defeated Amped Ulik,damaged Fin Fang Foom, who both can take on Thor/Hulk before trade blows. He has lift Mole Man's Giganto off the ground.. He has lifted a nuclear reactor from the ground. He has lifted oceal . Iron Man has destroyed landmade islands, moved 5 war ships,spilt a manhattan city sized mountain threwed by Terrax, move hellicarrier, created a earthquake with his fists, destroyed mountains as well as no-sell mountain destroy technology. He has also moved Satellites from space before with his jets.. Iron Man can also withstand high depth oceans, and he has battled Wet Namor in his own turf. In addition Iron Man has one shot Savage She Hulk too, or even traded blows with Ultron.

. When he used his override feature he has kayoed Hulk who has dazzled by a punch, he has traded blows with Silver Surfer , He has traded blows with Count Nefaria almost overwhelm him. He has defeated Galactus's Punsiher robot , which fought the Silver Surfer. He is pegged to be on tiers with Hulk, Hercules, Thor, and Wonder Man when he overrides his Armor supply. His fist has damaged Graviton shields before, which even The Avengers has failed to do before. He has traded blows with a Wet Namor before Iron Man v1#54. Not to mention that Iron Man could resist Gravition's gravity powers, mini black holes, and He has tanked and survived moving 170 tons of rubble toss by Magneto.






Also Iron Man has kayo Savage She Hulk with a sucker punch, who has the power of the Hulk.



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I'm a huge aquaman fan but putting my bias aside I really don't think Arthur has what it takes to beat a bloodlusted ironman... The guy is one of the smartest guys in marvel, his durability is higher than aquamans. He has crazy weapons in that suit man! I believe sonics would really mess arthur up. He has stealth options too i'm sure. Ironman just has way to much fire power. Aquaman can survive for a little bit due to his speed, and agility but he goes down.

It would have been a better match if Aquaman was the only one with bloodlust.

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Iron Man

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Seems like a solid matchup to me, as long as aquaman can get to water. I mean tony can fly high, arthur can swim low so they can both dodge. i would imagine that the IM suit can go underwater, but aquaman can rise on waves. so they can meet each other wherever. aquamans scale armor tanks any machine gun fire tony can throw, and puts a dent in a lot of missile fire. not to mention he is durable without that, so whatever gets through will hurt but he can push through.

Providing arthur can find a way to get in the water, i could see him taking this one after a long fight

Aquaman's armor gets shredded by gunfire and he gets nicked by SMALL arms gunfire. Why are you guys @ckuakini @Raw_Material EXAGGERATING this stuff so much? Aquamans a bad ass but this is terrible matchup as he has no ranged attacks and Tony would pot shot him from the air all day til he fries him. Iron Man wins.

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Going with Arthur on this one.

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Iron Man maybe.

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If Iron Man fights smart he should win, rather easily due to flight, weapons, range, he could scan Aquaman and probably figure out most of his powers.

However, if Aquaman DID get his hands on Iron Man, considering that much lower-strength characters have damaged the armor with their bare hands, he could possibly pull off a victory.

That being said, I would favor Iron Man ftw 8/10.

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Arthur stomps.

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he could definitely evade and/or tank most ranged attacks of IM.

Tony on the contrary can't take 1 hit from a bloodlusted Arthur, who could jump to him at anytime! (especially from under water, where he would get all the speed he wants to do it)