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fight takes place on the beach

no prep

pre 52

morals off

kill to win

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Dafuq? Iceman

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Woahhh! This one's a great match up. If Aquaman uses his strategical tactic that defeated Superboy (he summoned blue whales and a tidal wave), Iceman could simply just freeze the water, which will leave the blue whales out of water and come raining down on him with gravity. Unless, one of the whales hits Iceman, that tactic won't work on him. Although, during that fight he also displayed superhuman strength, agility, speed, and reflexes (as he disarmed multiple guns that were was at point blank range) as he was stopped by navy trying to get into the base (Pearl Harbor). However, I do believe he still has the capability to defeat Iceman. He's a complete boss before the New 52 series, especially in Grant Morrison's JLA run.

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can Aquaman's water hand be frozen

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@tasir: No, but he's able to freeze it himself if that's what your trying to say. He's able to control the density to ake it as hard as steel pretty much.

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@reefermadness what im asking is since its water can ice man freeze it and control it

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This seems unfair due to the nature of the powers.

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@tasir: What can AM do to harm Iceman?

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he can summon cthulu and the kraken and starfish and hes near water making him far stronger

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aquamans pretty badass

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@tasir: has he ever done that stuff? Like called Chultu (spelling) and Kraken and stuff? Also do you have any other badass Aquaman feats?

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Iceman easily.

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@tasir: I highly doubt that Aquaman can control Cthulhu.

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What on Earth is this thread...

Morals off Iceman...Why would you even make this?

He instantly kills Aquaman.

Stop this madness.

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Telepathy is the only option Aquaman got to win, and even then...Iceman's absoulte Zero temperature can freeze Aquaman.

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Even though Iceman has the ability to manipulate water by freezing it and using as a weapon, he does not possess any superhuman abilities that would compare to Aquaman's. Robert's (Iceman) strength is only of a above human level, while in his ice form and with his constructs being an extra boost in strength. However, not anything that would take on Aquaman. None whatsoever. Although, he will be able to probably, and I mean probably because it is again Aquaman's hard water constructs and I don't know if Iceman could freeze an object with such force and strength, unless I see feats proving otherwise (a scan showing freezing a train maybe?). Aquaman does possess exceptional superhuman abilities, enough to take on powerhouses such as Superboy, Slig, Wonder Woman, and the Deep Six who are all class 100 in strength level. He is also able to keep up with meta-humans such as super-soldier himself, Deathstroke and also getting in the last blows of the fight.

Here are some scans of Aquaman's strength feats as he shown lifting a building block and submerged tank and tossing a train at the Eel, all underwater:

Here's a scene where Aquaman showcases his strength while lifting a building weighing up to 100+ tons of weight:

And if you want to see a battle the displays Aquaman's superhuman abilities, this is the battle between Aquaman and Dole, a member of Darkseid's Deep Six who is also considered a class 100 in strength level:

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@reefermadness: These are all cool.

But he can literally just flash freeze him to absolute zero or rip the water molecules out of his body.

There is no fight here. Iceman wins every single time.

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Iceman kills Aquaman.

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LOL Is this a joke? It must be.

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Iceman stomps

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What stops Arthur from heating up all water on earth then removes it? Eith the water hand he has molecule controls over water. Am i right @Wolverine08

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Iceman should win here even before Aquaman does anything

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There's really no way to kill Bobby at his best. Arthur loses this one.

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Iceman stomps

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idk honestly