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The original aqualad Garth vs the new aqualad Jackson Hyde

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Garth.  He's faster, stronger, more experienced, better trained and later in his career, he gains a huge amount of magical powers.

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Garth has way more experience and that's basically all he'd need, even if he hasn't got the powers of Tempest.

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garth is his physical equal if not superior. A grown man, and a very powerful magician. garth wins

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Kaldur'ahm from YJ would win. But not this "Jackson Hyde" version.

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Hmmm... I'm not sure, but I'm going with Aqualad. Aqualad will give Aqualad some trouble though.

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@tomlikesfries: what you did.... it's there and I see it. xD YJ's version of Aqualad would win against Garth. Otherwise, Garth wins.

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Tempest ftw.

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