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team 1

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oh wait i thought this was team oh in that case ummm invincible takes it

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Trauma said:
"team 1"
No my friend. This isnt a team battle. Its every man for themselves
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every one for themselves.................


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I think this battle will be a real Slobber Knocker  !  I got Spartan or Apollo for the win though...
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Apollo wins.  He's stated to be Majestic Class, which means he can lift hundreds of thousands of tons.  I don't think Spartan has been in the ballpark of Mr. Majestic without having the Void inside of him.  From what I've heard about Invincible, he's the first to go since his strength is apparently a few hundred tons.  Spartan and Superboy are probably close to each other in strength and while they're capable of causing trouble, Apollo would come out on top.

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apollo couldnt hurt current invincible as far is i know whats his greatest damage feat

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Depends on what version of Spartan is being used.

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apparently it's the version in the picture, anyway apollo ftw
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