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the first mutant or the power cosmic

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Speed kills. The Surfer has ENORMOUS amounts of this. Not to mention the plethora of other abilites he posseses. If the Surfer is actually trying his best, Apocolypse gets blitzed before he even knows what hit him.

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I think Apocalypse has a chance with prep time, Apocalypse might not be as good as Doom with prep but he's better than Magneto and better than Stark if he's given time to prepare

The mastermind mutant can beat the herald

However a blood lusted Silver Surfer in a random fight would destroy

Silver Surfer has durability where he can laugh off punches from someone on She-Hulk, Things level

He can amp his strength to match an enraged Hulk

The Silver Surfer can create shields and has telepathy feats

Surfer has drained spirit energy, has cosmic senses, has depowered people, altered DNA and even fought on astral levels

His reaction and reflex feats are close to DC Flash and his top speed feats are like SilverAgeSuperman's

Surfer can go through dimensions, travels back in time, forward into the end of time and can alter energies like Dr Strange and Captain Atom

The Silver Surfer can transmute enemies and he can phase through attacks

Surfer can transform energy into sold matter, he can also atomize people scattering their molecules

Silver Surfer can fly into stars, survive planets exploding and even go into blackholes without taking too much damage

He can use his board as a weapon to trap them in Flat-space

I'm stealing these scans from another thread

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.Thanks to the original poster for the scans