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My Friend Believes that nothing could withstand Jin's Shin kick.Absolutely everything that faces off against this hard arsed kick seemed to be throw into a pile of ever building body's

Tanks, GONE

Major Baseball league GONE

The whole Police Force inclusive of Robo-cop Gone

Terminators, Aliens and Predators GONE

I know you might think my Mates a idiot but if you have ever played Tekken Tag, Tekken 4 or even Tekken 5 you will know that if you roll towards Jin or if your Opponent wants to one hit as much as he can, with this low kick your doomed so how then does an endless stream of victims cease. I think to be Honest this began as a joke but we soon worked out that this is factual. Jin is elite himself but without the power of his Low kicks he his history.

Think about this from our point of View first then comment. Who would you put against this unstoppable Low kick.and also think that just because they are uber-elite in the universes they are from doesn't mean in the Tekken Universe they could withstand a barrage of Shin Kicks from Jin.

I also suggest that you view this from a comical side first before just saying that Jin's Low kick is a broken mechanic or that Galactas or Iron-man or even Superman could out maneuver this high speed shunt.