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i'm making a series of comic involving any characters where most of these battles will happen (after I set up the story and how they all connect, witch isn't very hard for me)

so far i have

deadpool vs. deathstroke

iron man vs. batman

doomsday vs thanos

a dante and deadpool team up (because a fight between them is retarded)

and i might do somthing with gokku but if i do im not going to just tell fanboys that gokku is god because he could never beat sentry or one above all or...actually there are too many to name...

BUT WHO ELSE!!!! this project will be comic depicting (based on attributes, feats, personality, morals and all around character...) the fights the way they would happen without bias or Bull-crap...and don't go assuming im just gonna pic favorites and give reasons because its not just me writing the damn thing. its me and a panel of many REASONABLE non fanboy comic readers and anime watchers who are man enough to admit that even our favorites could lose to moon knight (and no one is under estimating moon knight) or dare devil under certain circumstances...so in the end my question to you is what other fights should i write into this project...(the plot involves shenron the collector gallactus and the watcher)...if im offline and you're deathly serious about your idea then send me a message...

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Moon Knight vs Wolverine

Wolverine vs Punisher

Taskmaster vs Punisher

Spider Man vs Omega Red

Daredevil vs Nightwing

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Cool thread, don't know if it belongs in the Battles Forum. I'll come up with some later.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: idn't really know where else to put it but if we can keep it going ill have a nice sheet of reference for later...

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@Yakaboomboom: Martian Manhunter vs Helspont

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Ryu Hayabusa Vs Naruto and Sasake(Current Versions of these two)

Blade(Comic's) vs Edward Cullen

Captain America vs Batman

Elektra vs Black Canry and Huntress

Blade vs Huntress and Batgirl(Somehow I think this would be so freaking awesome)

Akuma vs Iron Fist

Hell King Spawn Vs Thor.

Those are the best I can think of and I'm actually going to start a debate on a few to see what other people think. Hope you find these interesting and Pick one for your project

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BUGS Bunny vs Mr Mxyztplk

Mace windu vs Darth Nihilus

Mighty Mouse vs Darkseid