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No Morals  
takes place at a abandoned hells kitchen  
1 mile apart 
Win by death or Ko 

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Eddie takes it.

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Anti-Venom wins. 

I would say that he has a slight overall advantage, maybe even a huge advantage in terms of the strenght. Can't remember Haunts strenght feats at the moment, but if there were any at all, they were probably not as impressive as Eddies.
And Eddie has even the durability to last long enough until Haunt simply passes out, since he would waste way too much energy during the fight. Give Haunt Cobra as a partner, then it would be a more interesting fight.

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Speed wise they are close. Strength and Durability goes to Venom. More creative use of powers goes to Haunt. However Anti Venom might cure him of his spiritual power? If so then Anti Venom.

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