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COIE Anti-Monitor at his most powerful


Chakravartin from Asura's Wrath


  • No prep
  • Both Bloodlest
  • Morals off
  • Round 1 takes place in the Anti-Matter universe
  • Round 2 takes place in Chakravartin realm
  • Round 3 takes place at the dawn of time.
  • Win by either OK or death

Who wins?

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anti monitor all rounds easily, while chakravartin is probably the creator of the universe, he doesn't throw around casual universal busting attacks.

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Anti Monitor.

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Anti Monitor should be able to beat Chakravartin

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Anti Monitor

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I'll take the guy who survived a multiversal explosion and ate over a billion universes.

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It seems like a lot of people really don't understand how weak Chakravartin is. In the game, Chakravartin is the ruler of Gaea (Earth), he's the ruler of Naraka (the underworld), and he's the god of Mantra (basically life energy), but that's it. No where is it stated in the game that Chakravartin is the creator of the Asura's Wrath universe or anything remotely similar. Chakravartin even told Asura that the reason why he wanted Asura to take over as ruler of Gaea is because he wanted to "search out other worlds in need of [his] guidance." If Chakravartin really was the creator of the Asura Wrath universe he wouldn't need to "search" out anything because he would be functionally omniscient in a universe he created. However, it is strongly implied that Chakravartin has been destroying and re-booting Gaea for the purpose of finding an heir, although how many times he did this and over what time period is not known.

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@uberhikari: So what power would you rank him on?

It's difficult to know because his fight with Asura in his Creator form took place in a dimension with a white background, which makes it hard to quantify his feats. But I think a reasonable guess would put Chakravartin in his Creator form around multi large solar system+ in terms of both DC and durability.

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@jackknight: Probably at a universal scale on par with celestial beings (think as strong as the regular Galactus but weaker than Galactus' strongest incarnation) i would put him as a universal abstract considering his title but he's failed against Asura who was only a celestial being at best.

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@drkcloud: I think Chakravartin is stronger then Galactus but I mostly agree the everything else you said.

I would rank Chakravartin somewhere just below Eternity.

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Anti-Monitor wins all Rounds.

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AM all rounds

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