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Morals off

Both are bloodlusted

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Silver Age Superman?

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Silver Age? Bronze Age? Golden Age? Which one? I can't quite tell by the picture.

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Superman in a sneeze :)

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@CalebHara said:

Superman in a sneeze :)

I see what you did there ;)

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Silver Surfer FTW, Pre crisis Superman Was Some Shit, His Story Was So Inconsistent, He Pulled Planets Out of A Dying solar System with A Chain??? What Was The Chain Made Out off?? If This Was Marvel, It would Of been Adamantium, No One Pay's Attention To His Pre-crisis Story. He was Magically Enhanced(He Sniffed Magical Powder) His Power was Nowhere Near Cosmic or Cosmic Level, And The Only Reason Superman Sneezed Away A Solar System Away Is Because He was Magically Enhanced. That's Why Everyone Didn't Like His Story At All. Because, It was Made Up of Inconsistency. So, In Reality, If PC superman Came Across Silver Surfer, His Chest would Be on Different Parts Of the Planet and Galaxy.

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If he means SA Superman,he beats Silver Surfer to a coma.

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SA Superman can't loose...)))

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Silver surfer is A Cosmic, Superman Silver age Is No where Near cosmic level. Like I Said Superman is Broken, Superman Pre crisis For Example, After a Character Beats him half to death, The next Issue he Makes some bs "Anti-Power" To Make them Weak. And Superman Prime one-million is stronger than Pre crisis. Just Like The "Goku vs Superman" Boards. I read Superman "Im One of his Big fans"To Come down to it, With out that Bullshit ass story of pre crisis, Superman is weak. Ssj3 Goku (just by powering up) Could of Destroyed a Planet by powering up. Annihilation silver surfer is way stronger than Superman. Superman Has 2 sources of energy which is yellow star's and The sun. Silver surfer doesn't need all of that. Silver surfer Ftw.

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Silver age superman...maybe.

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Superman in an effortless curbstomp.


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Man I totally forgot about this thread.

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Right? This came back?

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This guy was meant to invincible, only plot devices can defeat him.

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@sheenlantern said:

Superman in an effortless curbstomp.


Then makes a spoon out of Surfer lmao