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Superman (Pre-Crisis), Thor (Current), Sentry and Supreme


Plutonian, The Homelander, Omni-Man and Martian Manhunter

I'm tired as hell and decided to make this at last minute before I sleep (was gonna throw Majestic in there but everyone is so divided on who he can/can't beat) :P

- Both teams are somewhat prepared and have little knowledge of the opposing side

- Bloodlusted

- Fight takes place in some random stereotypical-completely empty area/field where a big battle should take place :P

I'll update in the morning... Which team wins wins?

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Well, I'd say that Supes would rip Homelander and tell HIM to suck it, Sentry would throw Plutonian into the sun (could go either way but I've learned more of Sentry than Plutonian) Omni-Man will go bat-shit crazy on Thor and Supreme would JUST manage MM.

Team 1.

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PC wins

although i prefer team two since homelander is an awesome sexist, bigot, racist, supremacist, molester asshole

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team 1