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Amazo has the powers, abilities, skills, and equpment  of  
Pre Crisis Superman 
Pre Crisis Wonder Woman 
Pre Crisis Flash 
Pre Crisis Martion Manhunter 
Pre Crisis Batman 
Pre Crisis Green Lantern 
Pre Crisis Dr. Fate 
Pre Crisis Green Arrow 
Pre Crisis Hawkman  
 Amazo also has his powers of superpower duplication and superpower amplication 
vs the avengers consisting of 
Iron Man 
Current Hulk 
Captain America 
 No prep 
Battle takes place in the watchtower

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What a dumb thread.

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Amazo wins way too easy here... between his Pre Crisis Superman, Pre Crisis Dr. Fate, Pre Crisis Flash, Pre Crisis Green Lantern Power Ring ability... there is No Way the Avengers team can Win... 
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How is this spite. 
Amazo has been known to have the powers of the justice league built in multiple times in the comics.  
The only difference is he has the pre crisis version of the justice leagues powers and abilities which isn't hard to explain considering people use pre crisis versions of charactors all the time in the battle fourm. 
You are serously under estimating the avengers. 
The avengers are able to at least hold their own vs Amazo.

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were not under estimating the avengers lol your seriously under estimating the pre crisis characters amazo has the powers off, with just pre crisis green lantern powers he wipes them out with rather ease, yes they could hold there own for a while against a normal amazo without the pre crisis characters powers but with them they have no hope
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@King Saturn: 
You are serousily underestimating the avengers here. 
I didn't post this thread to spite the avengers, the avengers are in fact one of my favorate comic book teams. Also Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America are some of my favorite charactors so I wouldn't create a thread to spite them. 
You forgott to take in account everything else Amazo has to use in this fight. 
You are serousily under estimating the avengers.

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Thor alone has been able to take make galactus run in fear and injured celestials. 
Captain America is one of the greatest fighters in the marvel universe and he has a indestructible shield 
Iron Man is one of the greatist minds in the marvel universe with one of the greatest armor's in all of comic books. 
Vision you got me I simply choose him because he is one of the most well known avengers. 
Hawkeye is one of the greatest archers in comic books. 
Hulk is one of the strongest charactors in comicbooks 

I serously think you are underestimating them.  
I admit Amazo has a huge advantage but with thors power, hulks strength, visions intagability, and iron mans and captain america's stradegy skills they should at least be able to hold their own.

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amazo should win this, but  unexpect shield tech  could change the outcome

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This is so unfair it's.... funny. Yes, it is funny.
You do realize that most of the characters that Amazo has copied could solo, don't you?

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