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All battles will take place here

In the magical land that time forgot of Skataris. The dimensional gateways to this world are sealed and all those with the power of dimensional travel will be unable to breach this barrier. their travel will be confined within the time lost land.

Combatants will have four weeks of prep but that prep will be in Skataris with the resources available there only. Combatants will begin at the tops of the two mountain ranges on opposite sides of Skataris.


These characters are amalgams of the choices made. They are a completely new character. each character will get

  • from the Body - physical aspects only. Strength, speed, durability, endurance, damage soak and healing
  • From the mind the learned things and character of the mind. They will have none of the powers of these characters unless those powers are the direct result of learned behavior.
  • from the powerset - the powers. This will NOT include anything physical in nature.
  • from the item whatever the item can bring when wielded by the mind and body chosen. If an item requires a particular physicality or character trait to perform certain tasks that is not a part of this build than they will be denied that aspect of the item.
  • POST LIMIT - in light of the many tourneys lately becoming war and peace all battles will be restricted to 7 battle posts plus one summation post where you can make closing arguments but NOT add any new information not offered before hand. Debaters can uses the 7 however they see fit to make their case. This should hopefully make it an easier read and more likely to actually get some votes
  • When down to voting all votes MUST be on the debate offered not on who you think should have won.
  • Debate will be open for a maximum of 5 days before closed by me once a thread starts

Characters who have the power of power duplications/copy, can only copy the powers as they fit within draft choices and can only unlock more potential of their own character build has that capability.


  • Mind: Albert Wesker.
  • Body: Senator Armstrong.
  • Power: Ezekiel Stane/Technovore.
  • Item: Extremis.


  • · Mind: Black Panther
  • · Powerset: Psylocke
  • · Body: Flash (New52 Earth-2)
  • · Item:Guyver Gigantic Armor
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@sovereign91001: This should be good, thanks for the set-up. I'll try and post here soon.

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@progenitor: I'll start it off.

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Mind: Black Panther; T'challa is well known for his genius level intellect, tactically inclined mind, ability to prep and his martial arts prowess, all of which his mind gives me access to, he is able to work with Marvel's intellectul giants on a regular basis and has proven his worth on multiple occasions.

Body: Jay Garrick the Flash of Earth 2 I picked him for one reason: (obviously) his speed. His powers are magical in nature and are not attached to the Speed Force. Other than his speed he seems to have only slightly enhanced durability and normal human strength. Those two problems are mitigated by my powerset selection and item.

Powerset: Psylocke her powers of telekinesis will allow me to augment Jay's bodies strength, durability and offer me increased offensive options. Her telepathy likewise will grant me increased offensive options.

Item: Guyver Gigantic armor; this biological armor gives it's wearer access to a variety of powerful weapons, telepathic immunity, a healing factor and boosts it's wielder's physical stats humongously.

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Whats the deal here now?

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