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Who would win?

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Is this a Kronos from Greek mythology or from some comic book ??

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@Miki1111: Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

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@logy5000: in lukes body?

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I just saw the cover of the movie looks interesting i will watch it certainly i like adventure movies :)

I dont know mutch abou Kronos and his powers but i know Alucard very well and i say he wins because his powers are on a very high level :)

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@dondave: Yes.

@Miki1111: The movie is terribly inaccurate, it doesn't have Kronos in it.

Kronos was immune to all forms of weapons and his power was so great that it bent time itself.

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@logy5000: Kronos ftw, he could only be harm by stabbing him in the armpit with annabeth's knife, and since there's no prep alucard cant go to get it and wouldn't know to use it

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@dondave: Not to mention his control of time.

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@logy5000: I only know the Kronos from God Of War game and that kronos was big as a mountain :)

Well i read Hellsing manga and i think in manga Integra said that if Alucard was ever fully unleashed he could punch a hole through the world.

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@Miki1111: Kronos from GoW was pretty dim-witted.

Kronos from PJO was much smarter and used powers & weapons other than his hands.

Even if Alucard could punch through the world, Kronos exists in realms that are not of this world.

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@logy5000: Since Alucard absorbed Schrödinger through his blood he became omnipotent and he is everywhere and nowhere at will he can control it and im sure he can go to other worlds as well because he has a power to go into othe dimensions.

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I watched hellsing and well im impressed i don't think someone like Kronos can kill him.

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@Miki1111: I think you mean omnipresent.

Kronos could banish him to tartarus, or freeze time and slice him up, or call his brothers.

A weapon that was as powerful as 100 nuclear bombs merely knocked him down.

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Alucard after he recieved Schrondier's powers he couldn't be killed because he exist as a quantum anomaly existing outside of time. I have some scans explaining this if you would like them.

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@logy5000: Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes. Exceedingly holy weapons have been shown to incapacitate him for a time, but even Anderson augmented with Helena's Nail could do no long term harm to him. While regenerating against Anderson, he became a shadow entity at one point.

Alucard can>t be killed as long as even one drop of his blood remains only one drop is needed for him to regenerate and be whole again i don>t know if the gate of tartarus could hold Alucard in he could perhaps punch though that gate :)

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@Ms. Omega: @Miki1111: Immortality won't help him. Kronos can trap him in Tartarus. His power will mean nothing there.

@GhostRider2: Have you read PJO?

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@Miki1111: Also, even if he could punch through the gate (which is impossible since it's unaffected by brute force) Hades & Thanatos would pull him back in. The Titans, who are physically stronger than Alucard, can't get out of Tartarus without help from a god/demigod.

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As powerful that Alucard is, he has nothing that can kill Kronos and the same goes for Kronos (unless I'm forgetting some of his powers), so I call a stalemate

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@dondave: But Kronos can BFR him to the underworld.

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@logy5000: True

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@logy5000: True, why didn't he do that to Percy

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@dondave: Percy isn't evil enough to be in those parts of the underworld.

Alucard is.

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@logy5000: oh, thanks

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Depends if Kronos was in his true form it was mentioned in the book that He would make Typhon look like a playground bully, which is a huge saying since Typhon pwned most of olympus and the gods of olympus are more powerful than comic book olympians of marval universe, since they are unkillable. Kronos will probably stomp if he is in his true form, if he is not alucard wins. If he is luke, Alucard wins.

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Alucard is amazingly powerful in Hellsing. I'm impressed enough by him to say that he has a good chance against Kronos in Luke's body.

If Kronos were in his true form, this would be a curbstomp in favor of the time lord.

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Kronos in Luke's body was a smart kombatant, but arrogant in a way. Then again, Alucard's personality starts with arrogant and ends with torture. True form Kronos f***ing stomps...Heck, True form Kronos can go against Goku for some time. Anyway, Luke/Kronos can lose, but Alucard's persona will cause him to not really try to kill, instead try to maim/humiliate him, and by the time Al gets smart and tries to mind read to shoot the incredibly hard to hit armpit Achilles Heel, Luke/Kronos would go full form and raze Alucard from existance.

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@logy5000: alucard can't be trapped in any place he is everywhere and nowhere. he is omnipresent.

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I don't think anybody in this thread understands the concept of "Omnipresent"

In the Hellsing universe, omnipresent means, well omnipresent. There aren't any rules or exceptions to this, Alucard is literally everywhere an no where. He can't be killed, the only way to beat him is if he himself doesn't believe he exists. So don't pull that "Kronos can banish him to Tartarus" bullshit. Alucard could easily just manifest himself out of there.

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@god_of_batman: I also have a theory that if someone were to remove Schrodinger's soul from Alucard, he'd lose his omnipresent abilities.