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Kraven hears stories of the Assassin Altair and wishes to hunt him down.

Both have 3 weeks of prep


Altair has standard equipment and does not have the Apple of Eden

Kraven has standard equipment

Fight takes place in a forest

Who wins?

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What is the point of standard equipment if prep is involved??? Anyways Kraven wins easy.

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Sergei in a mismatch, and I'm a fan of both.

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Kraven stomps. Mismatch.

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@Strider92 said:

Kraven stomps. Mismatch.

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Unfortunately this is a mismatch. Altair has shown little to prove him a physical equal or even a challenge for Kraven who has toyed with Peter before and shrugged off his blows. Add on to the fact that he completely overshadows him in regards to prep and skill with his weaponry, which is superior to Altair's in the first place, and it just makes it downright unfair.