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- The fight is on an abandoned planet.

- No prep.

- No Phoenix.

- No BFR.

- Fight to the death!

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@SteveMcQueen36 All Stars win. No-one on the x-men team has a way of dealing with the durability of Pasticman, Citizen Steel or Dr Fate ( who even at his All Star squadron days without magic was superman level invulnerable with the same level strength, flight and TP, TK). Citizen steel was shown to be stronger and more durable than E22 (kingdom come) Superman in JSA

I'd still like to know where your getting your line up from. A better one for the ASS would be One of these

Wildcat ( peak human), Tarantula ( peak human with web gun and suction cups on boots and gloves), Firebrand (female HUman Torch - who also controls heat even of magma), Manhunter ( peak human expert hunter), Guardian ( peak human indestructible shield), Alan Scot ( Green lantern could probably leave out to be fair), Liberty Belle ( mildly enhanced strength, speed and agility, sonic wave blasts), Hourman ( 3 to 54 tonne strength, runs 60mph and feels no pain for an hour), Airwave ( gadget guy), Johnny Quick (near light speeder), Phantom lady ( dark light ray makes darkness and allows her to become invisible) Amazingman ( becomes whatever he touches- rubber, metal etc), Robotman.

Atom ( opeak human back then before he gets super strength), Amazingman, Robotman, Liberty Belle, Comander Steel ( metal exo skeleton and sever motors with mail mesh suit), Guardian, Hourman, Johnny Quick, Doctor Fate ( as you can see half helmet so no magic, just super strength speed flight, invulnerability and TP. TK), Alan Scot, Firebrand , Hawkman and girl, Tarantua, Shining knight.