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The original All-Star Squadron takes on the X-Men in a huge battle. How far does the team get.

Morals are off.

BFR is on.

No Prep for either side.

The battle takes place during a Crisis, the Squadron is transferred to Xavier Institute.

All-Star Squadron

Black Lightning, Alan Scott, Atom Smasher, Plasticman, Star Spangled Kid, Citizen Steel, Hourman, Jay Garrick, Doctor Midnight, Doctor Fate (Original)

Round 1 (All-Star Squadron appears on the front lawn of the Xavier Institute.) Colossus, Kitty Pride, Banshee, & Nightcrawler

Round 2 (All-Star Squadron moves inside the institute) Warpath, Psylock, Havoc, & Storm

Round 3 (All-Star Squadron walk into the wrong dorm room) Angel, Iceman, Banshee, & Gambit

Round 4 (All-Star Squadron end up inside of the Danger Room) Cable, Bishop, X-23, & Mimic

Round 5 (All-Star Squadron stumble into Cerebro) Professor X, Jean Gray, Cyclops, & Wolverine

Round 6 (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ambush All-Star Squadron in the Xavier Institute. They are suprised. If Professor X is dead in the last round then Magneto is Bloodlusted) Magneto, Blob, Toad, Juggernaut, Sabertooth, Mystique, & Pyro

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They win every round I think... X-Men don't have an answer to Doctor Fate. Has he any telepathic defenses?? If not, then they stop at Round 2

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Nothing else on this one?

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The X-men teams are too small with only one or two heavy hitters in each group.

Need to bring in some heavier hitters in one of the later groups and put all the small fries in one large first group or something.

Legion, Quentine Quire, Namor, Nate, Scarlet Witch, Hope probably be needed in there somewhere to even have a shot against that group.

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I will take this one back to the drawing boards.

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the line up you have listed as the original all star squadron is Far from right.

the ASS should be Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Robotman, Comander Steel ( not citizen who is far more powerful), Tarantula, Atom ( this mind you was before his super strength), Allan Scot. latter the core line up alsoo included Firebrand, Amazingman and the Guardian. Dr Fate, Jay Garrick and Dr Midnigh were card carrying JSAers at the time ( so was aatom but he participated more with ASS than the others. anny of that line u would be fairer. Also foor most of ASS Fate had given up his magic helm so only had his physical and mental powers ( ie the onees that were a part of his bodybasicallly superman with TP'TK)