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Seeing as how there have been quite many different incarnations of Batman, who is the best of them?

Tell me if I've missed a few* (I'd discounted some Elseworlds Batmen BTW, but you can tell me if they differ enough from the current Batman to be added)

Pre-Crisis Earth One Batman

Pre-Crisis Earth Two Batman

Pre-Crisis Earth Three Owlman

Post Crisis Titans Tomorrow Alternate Future Tim Drake Batman

New 52 Earth Two Batman

New 52 DCnU Batman/Post Crisis Batman (Bruce Wayne)

DCAU Batman

60's Adam West Batman

All Star / Dark Knight Returns Batman (I think Miller mentioned they were of the same verses, not sure though)

Owlman (JLA Earth 2 Graphic Novel)

Brave and Bold Cartoon Batman

Gotham by Gaslight Batman

Thrillkiller Batman

Superman Red Son Batman

Dark Knight Trilogy Batman

Kingdom Come Batman

Michael Keaton Batman

Batman Inc Batwing

Batman Inc Knight

Jean Paul Valley Batman

Arkham Asylum/City Batman

*I missed Beyond Batman on purpose, he seems to be more technologically advanced than most Batmen.

**Removed New 52 Earth One Batman since that felt more like an Origin Story and replaced him with Pre Crisis Earth 3 Owlman

Fused together New 52 DCnU Batman and Post Crisis Bruce Wayne,

Removed Post Crisis Dick Grayson and replaced him with Alternate Future Tim Drake Batman from Titans Tomorrow Storyline.

Added some Batmen from Batman Inc and removed Batman of Zurr-enh-Ar

Added Arkham City Batman

Added Rules


This is a battle

No prep, the Batmen's only knowledge of each other is the other is an imposter and must be stopped.

They only have their standard equipment (Batarangs, Bat Bola, ETC no Batmobiles or Batwings)

Good guys have their morals (The Owlmen and Jean Paul Valley don't)

Setting is an uninhabited Arkham City from the Arkham City game

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Not a Battle.

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@trebean: Are they fighting? Can we get morals, setting, and prep time? And Batman canon was changed so little that Post-Crisis and New-52 are for all practical means the same.

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Yes they are fighting


I'd be sure to change that.

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Owlman, he is equal with Batman in pretty much everything but evil. He also seems somewhat more tech oriented, which is a huge advantage against a normal human.

Also, he pleases Superwoman in ways Batman never could with Diana

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Ha, if Batman 1M was in this, he'd destroy em all. I feel as if people will pick Adam West though. Personally, I pick........ DCAU

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Owlman is the most lethal of the batmen but the best of all time was Adam West's

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You watch this video and you tell me who is Batman.

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Adam West and SA Batman will win idk between the 2 though

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@Sufferthorn: I don't quite see what you're getting at, but I feel as if you think Adam's Batman will win.

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He's Batman.

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@Sufferthorn: ......Aren't they all Batman? o.O

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Thrillkiller Batman

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No, there is only one Batman.

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New 52 Batman

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@Sufferthorn: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Terry McGinnis, Kal-El (when he impersonates him) and Jean-Paul Valley.

But hey, he is not a man, he is something more, something everlasting, a symbol.... HE IS.... the Batman! *Dark Knight music plays*

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Adam West batman via batmen repellent spray

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Batman wins.

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No.....there is only one.

You should be ashamed of yourself.