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VS ((alice hunts down wesker and found him to put in end can she defeat him?))

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i may say alice then again i don't know.

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i'm a really big fan of the RE game series over the movies. Personally i would pick Wesker over Alice. He's too observant of events and cool about his suroundings to ploy a perfect tactical plan to defeat alice if he were to battle her. He's sort of like Dr. Doom in a sense when it comes to planning. Plus he has super strength in par with Spiderman if not; The Beast from the X-Men. Along with their speed, agility, reaction time, and fighting abilities. He's an expert of weapons and markmanship and just a plan killer. But aside from all those abilities. He's most dangerous at prep-time.

Alice has all the physical features Wesker has as well; but she's actually more powerful due to her having tk and pyrokenises abilities... But aside from all those. She's definitely not smarter than Albert Wesker (the game Weasker) Wesker is basically the guy that holds the whole series together.

Wesker > Alice

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I agree with Ego. Wesker is too bad ass. I'm almost 100% sure, he'll end up in RE5 as well.

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