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2 days prep time, Alfred prepares in Wayne Manor/the Batcave, Lucius in the science department of Wayne Enterprises.

Batman is DEAD

Both arrive in the heart of Arkham Asylum. Both ridden with guilt.

Surrounded by the angry taunts of those who fell at the hands of their deceased friend Bruce Wayne.... Batman's two best friends enter, who will leave?

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The prep time is key here. Alfred could easily take Fox in H2H but Fox has access to some better equipment and could make his own specially for the fight. Alfred only has what is there at Wayne Manor. As a result Fox makes a Batsuit to protect himself from anything Alfred can throw at him (he knows everything he's built for Batman after all) and uses it in combination with an EMP to take down the butler

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Surely Fox would have the advantage, as @MasterAction said he's the one who makes the weapons for Batman so he would know the best ones to use against Alfred

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Alfred served in the army. So in h2h he'd win but with prep probably Lucius.

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As previously stated. h2h Alfred takes it. With prep Fox takes it.

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H2H - Alfred

Prep - Lucius Fox

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With Prep - Foxy boy should take it

Straight head to head random encounter I'm going to go with Penny his army time experience and grit should help him