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alfred cant call in batman, darkseid gets no army, but darkseid is uglier than normal and if alfred blinks darkseid dies

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lol spite

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Even with a Blue Lantern ring, Alfred is doomed. How could you?

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Because he's the godamn Alfred.

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Darkseid wins, the ring makes little difference.

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Darkseid, this is a silly question

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Umm did you guys forget the fact that darksied is turned into a human? Spite in alfred's favor.

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Alfred wins

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@mrhatter said:

alfred cant call in batman, darkseid gets no army, and alfred gets a blue lantern ring and knows fully well how to use it. morals off takes place in the desert

what a damn joke

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A blue lantern ring is practically useless when not near a green lantern ring (or weakening a red lantern ring); so Darkseid stomps.

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alfred can't call in batman, but he does have full control of the batcave. anti-new god bat shaped missile go!

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@mrhatter said:

alfred cant call in batman, darkseid gets no army, and alfred gets a handbag that shoots missiles that are specifically designed to kill darkseid in one shot, work no matter what and go at the speed of light and follow darkseid, alfred gets first shot. and darkseid is paralyzed.

dont make battle threads any more

Giving Characters Certain 'buffs' or Removing Powers

I generally don't have a problem with this, as long as it's not overdone. Things like upgrading certain characters to a certain physical levels, or removing powers for two opponents to gauge hand-to-hand skills is fine as long as the fight is fair in the process. However, giving people like Hulk the Power Cosmic or people like Nightwing a Green Lantern ring is unacceptable because neither character has displayed the skill and/or competence to use such weapons/items. That said, it would be difficult (and in most cases, nearly impossible) for people to debate. Threads of this nature will be locked if it becomes an issue.

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... wouldn't this essentially be the same result as when Batman shot Darkseid?

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This is basically a thread where the question is "Can Alfred shoot a weapon?", and the answer is yes, this is spite.