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A good match in my opinion.

No morals.

1 hour prep.

Battle takes place in New York City.

Who wins and why ?

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@fatalsniper728: Really cool and interesting match. Vergil definitely has the speed edge and factor, also Yamato should be able to get through Alex Mercer`s defenses easily, however the major problems that Vergil will have to face would be Alex`s regeneration and shape shifting but Vergil is very alert as well as cunning so he should be able to analyze the situation but if he can`t dispose of Alex then Alex will eventually dispose of him. Ways Vergil can win would be through BFR with Yamato or if he uses Judgement Cut and then uses the Summoned Swords to subdue Alex as well as force him into submission if Vergil has Beowulf and Force Edge then he can inflict more damage, Yamato will be the key factor due to the fact that it`s powerful enough to cut through many times or forms of regeneration and durability so it should work effectively against Alex if Vergil is careful and doesn`t lose sight of Alex.

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@neongamewave: i was thinking the same thing, alex is a powerful opponent, vergil would have to come up with ways to defeat him, but thanks for the input, very thought out and informative

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its a tough one for me haha