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Battle Between Alessa and Alma wade? Who wins? Battlefield is Silent Hill.

Alessa Gillepsie Powers/abillies from the games are:

Telekinesis: Shown in Silent Hill 1 when Alessa knocks Harry back a great distance using her mind.

Telepathy: Shown in Silent Hill Origins. Alessa was able to dig up memories that Travis had been repressing since 1959 - 1961. She was also able to manipulate the town so it would show Travis his repressed memories into his darkest fears and manipulate them.

Astral Projection: Shown in Silent Hill Origins, and Silent Hill 1, Radiation Manipulation: Displayed in the Cybil scenario of the Silent Hill Play Novel. She can create bullets of light and use them to severely injure, or even kill people

Environmental Manipulation: Displayed in the Silent Hill Play Novel.

Phasing: Shown in SH0 when Alessa phases through a door

Death Projection: Alessa can kill someone, just by implanting the desire to kill into that person

Time Manipulation: (debatable) Shown in the Play Novel when Alessa Awakened, freezes time to let Harry and Cybil escape.

(Also has Pyramid head as a bodyguard)

Alma Wade:

She is capable of controlling Paxton Fettell under certain circumstances.

Also has the power of death projections, to turning them into bloody liquid skeltons.

Capable of hallucinations.

She can perform pyrokinesis.

Also has telekinesis.

i also believe Alma has Astral projections as well, but not 100% sure.